Tanker Monitor


This demo of a Veneficus tool gives an overview of the oil-tankers having the Port of Rotterdam as their destination. Our algorithms are used to estimate the loadings of the tankers as well as the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of the tankers. We are working on forecasting the time the tanker will spend in the port and the next step will be to estimate at which berth the tanker will moor.


In the upper graph you can find the expected capacity and loaded volumes of the visiting tankers. The second graph shows the amount of tankers visiting the Port of Rotterdam. By changing the filters at the left side you can personalize the graphs and map. Click on the tankers in the map to get more information about them.


This graph shows the difference between the amount of oil coming in the port and the oil leaving the port based on the capacity of ships that are coming to load oil to bring it to the next location. This is interesting for price setting of various oil related industries and services.


This is an overview of the tankers. Use the search box on the right to find all of the information of a certain tanker.